Personalised Sessions

Personalised Sessions:

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, including our bodies. When we process fear-based thoughts and emotions, their dense, slow energy begins to clog the energetic pathways in our body and disease manifests. In healing sessions, a high-frequency energy is used to dissolve this collection of slow, dense energy related to our thoughts and emotions, which helps the body regain its natural vitality, the mind its clarity and the emotions a higher vibration, all of which begins to create a smoother passage through life.

All healing is a process. The healer works in collaboration with the client to help them heal themselves. This leads to permanent healing and self-empowerment.

The client is also given simple but highly effective practices, nutritional guidelines, applications and/or guided meditations that facilitate healing in chronic conditions and emotional pain or fear.

All healing sessions are personalized to the client's specific requirements. In addition, the following types of healing sessions are a great way to totally rejuvenate yourself at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level of being.